A Picturesque Thanksgiving

I have no excuse for waiting so long to post pictures of my family’s Thanksgiving festivities, other than that I seem to have disappeared into the vortex of grading, exhaustion, and general holiday time-suck that seems to engulf most professors every December.

I considered not posting these at all, since Thanksgiving has by now receded far into the distance, and Christmas is looming large on the horizon. But the pictures are so lovely, and the food looks so delicious, that I couldn’t resist sharing.

Okay, so maybe I don’t have any pictures of the actual meal. The lighting was off, and people weren’t really happy about waiting to eat until I had captured that perfect shot. But the following day, I managed to get twenty-five frames of this fabulous plate of shrimp. They are in season in the fall in North Carolina, cheap, plentiful, and enormous, caught off the shrimp docks less than ten minutes away. I am so spoiled by shrimp from home that I actually don’t eat frozen shrimp at all. Sauced with onions, garlic, ginger, curry leaves and chile powder, these shrimp were the best thing I ate all weekend, and considering all the good food around, that’s saying a lot.


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