My New Toy

Choy Sum

For the first time in my life, I am the proud owner of a digital camera. Yes, I was also the last person to get an Ipod, and back in the day, the last person to buy a CD player. Since I’m new to blogging and cameras in general, I didn’t want to get the fanciest camera around, so I went with the “good value for the money” camera, as opposed to the “so expensive it should come with the services of a professional chef to cook for your blog” camera.

But although relatively cheap, isn’t it great? Here’s a picture of some baby choy sum that I sauteed for dinner the other night with galangal and spring onions. Doesn’t it look as green as–hey what’s that on the bowl? A price tag?!? The whole world can see that I bought the bowl for $1.49 at TT’s market? Why didn’t I notice that before?

Oh well, I can take the price tag off and redo tomorrow. Oh, wait. Is there any choy sum left? No! I ate the rest for lunch today. Argh!

At least I have the consolation of knowing that even at its very worst, my food photography always looks more appetizing than this.



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3 responses to “My New Toy

  1. Erica

    that choy sum looks delicious! and what a deal on that bowl!

  2. Subi

    The bowl is deal and the choy sum sounds easy to fix!

  3. Ruchira

    the choy sum looks delicious! and your camera does a great job capturing the bright green shimmer … (and don’t berate yourself for being the last person to own an iPod — i still don’t have one!)

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